The Mass of Mercury

chamber orchestra augmented with tenor sax and drum kit, SATB chorus (1999)

Commissioned by the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, this mostly-mass lacks a Gloria, which I was working on when Time Ran Out. On the other hand, it does feature a Processional (followed by a Kyrie, Sanctus, and a combination Benedictus-Agnus Dei). The text is straight from the Roman Catholic Eucharist. Because of the mercury in the title, I’d considered giving the text a physics spin along the lines of Einstein’s E=mc², where E is energy, m is the equivalent mass and c is the speed of light, but the rhyming structure got overly abstruse and the time signature only made sense to quantum theorists. I include a midi version of the Processional because its performance lacked, how you say, unerring accuracy.

mass of mercury 1 processional
mass of mercury 2 kyrie
mass of mercury 3 sanctus
mass of mercury 4 benidictus-agnus dei