A Conversation Piece
10 performers in a living room tableau with a piano and numerous other props (1976)

Alice’s Music Box
harp, piano, xylophone, marinba (2017)

And Dymn the Welkin
tenor solo, SATB chorus, piano, 2 electric guitars, percussion (1976)

Autumn Attic
2 pianos (2004)

Bassooner or Later
bassoon quartet (2003)

Compositions Pitch DO NOT DELETE
The arc of improving compositional quality control begins in 1992 and continues to this day. Music listed prior to that date should be reviewed with a grain of salt. Make that two grains. Chamber Music // Duets // Flute Ensembles // Orchestral // Playback // Light Entertainments // Solo // Strings // Theater Music // Theater Pieces // Vocal (Unaccompanied) // Vocal (with Instruments) // Music That Distressed My College

double bass (2003)

Crapsody For Orchestra
pick-up chamber orchestra (1970)

Dandelion Wine incidental music
Midi instruments (2007)

Distressed header DO NOT DELETE
These tunes constituted my composition concert required to graduate from a university somewhere in Ohio. After the concert, my theory advisor foresaw a career for me in the pet food industry.

Forbidden Kitchen
full orchestra (2006/2008)

string quartet (2006)

Grande Oeuvreture to Snoratorio
pick-up chamber orchestra (1970)

In the forest, 400 owls discover a giant badger; it’s raining
B-flat clarinet, piano (2003, revised 2013)

4 overdubbed recorders (1974)

soprano, tenor, piano, harpsichord, mousetraps (1989)

Misery Loves Accompaniment
singer, spinning chorus of 6, piano, playback (1979)

Somewhere East of Topeka
Albany Records: TROY535 (2003-01-28)

The Help Me Rondo
Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello, gong, piano (1995)

The Third Highway

Midi instruments (2007)

Urban Renewaltz
full orchestra (2001)

piano (2004)