Dandelion Wine incidental music

Midi instruments (2007)

It is 1928 and a perfect summer: 12 year-old Douglas Spaulding has the perfect best friend, a crush on Ann, the lovely ‘older woman’ who runs the library, a delightful relationship with the odd but fascinating adults of the town, and grandparents, whose boarding house bursts with delectable discussion. But one figure comes to this seminal summer uninvited: the mysterious Bill Forrester, who seems to know everyone and intimates that disaster is imminent. His identity only becomes more mysterious with each passing bottle of grandpa’s dandelion wine. [from a Pasadena News Star review] For better or worse, it is quintessential small town America. This was my fourth commission from Ray Bradbury’s Pandemonium Theater Company.

01 Dawn d’lion (overture)

02 Larks Aloft
03 Matin Tranquille
04 Greenworld
05 Great Bustle
06 Hobo Sunrise
07 The Tennis Shoe Boys
08 Shut Up and Dance
09 Pinaforever