Leviathan ’99 incidental music

midi instruments (2007)

Ray Bradbury’s streamlined retelling of Moby Dick is set on an outer space research vessel in the year 2099. (Bradbury also wrote the screenplay for the 1954 “Moby Dick” movie.) With a longing to see distant galaxies, the youthful Ishmael signs on as a crew member for the spaceship Cetus 7. So does Quell, a green-skinned alien with the ability to read minds. (“You will soon meet a tall, green-skinned stranger.”) The mission starts off with promise, but the crew grows increasingly frustrated with their mysterious leader, who refuses to leave his cabin. When the Captain finally emerges and addresses the crew, it’s clear that nothing good will come from his obsession with the great comet (Leviathan) that blinded him many years ago. [Description primarily from an L.A. Times review]